For use with TSG Elec Fire Smoke Grenades
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* Starter system comes with 3 Receivers, each with 4 cues--allowing you to ignite 12 Fireworks individually or more than 12 Fireworks if you fire pairs or triplets on a single cue.
* Ignite up to 3 Fireworks on each cue.
* Expandable up to 60 cues by adding extra Receivers
* System Continuity Check ensures that every firework will ignite
* Comes with a Hard-Shell Storage Case (Black)
* Includes Talon Igniter Clips for your first 20 Fireworks
* Reusable year after year - only additional Firing Clips are required
* System includes 1 x 23A (12V) Battery for Transmitter
* Receiver Batteries NOT included: each Receiver requires 6 x AA Batteries.