CYMA M14 SOCOM 16 - GREEN - US Version

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This version comes with an ORANGE TIP and US 110V wall charger.

The great M14, dedicated service rifle for many countries around the world. The stability of the platform has proven to be an icon in military history. Own a piece of that with your very own CYMA M14 mock wood! The SOCOM 16 platform gives you more maneuverability than the standard M14 because of its shorter barrel in the front, however keeping the traditional stock to allow for large  battery storage.



Product Specs:


InnerBarrel Length: N/A
Barrel Caliber: 6mm
BB Capacity: 450Rounds
Initial BB Speed: 380fps
Battery Type: Large in stock
Body Material: Metal Barel, ABS Stock


Package includes:

- Rifle itself

- 1 high capacity magazine

- Standard battery and charger combo set

- clearing rod

- manual