Spektrum DX5 ProDSMR Tx w/SR2100

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Presets of six popular Losi models added into model list at factory:
Super Baja Rey (6S)
3XL-E (6S)
Tenacity SCT
Tenacity MT
Tenacity T
Each preset features specially tuned AVC Smart Drive Modes that
deliver four different driving experiences:
Trainer Mode-Throttle and steering rates lowered and Anti-Lock
Braking is engaged
Stability Mode-AVC activated for high traction
Slick Mode-Stability and Traction Control dialed way up for slick
conditions such as loose dirt, gravel or wet conditions
Full Rip Mode-Full amount of steering and throttle action, AVC
turned off, recommended for experienced drivers

Exclusive DSMR technology can be used in any type of surface
application including boats, also backward compatible with DSM2
and marine specific Spektrum receivers
Built-in telemetry when used with telemetry enabled receiver such as
the Spektrum SR600T, SPML1024 (not included)
Simple Scroll programming interface for easy menu navigation and
setting changes
Adjustable trigger and steering tension
Adjustable trigger position
Multiple wheel drop-down options, and grip sizes
10° and 15° steering adapters included
Small steering wheel
36° steering cam option

DSMR technology delivers 535ms frame rate with very low latency and
super high-speed response
Built-in antenna eliminates clutter and makes installations easy in
crowded space
Integrated bind button
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Spektrum DX5 Pro 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter with SR2100 DSMR High-
Speed Receiver, 10° and 15° Steering Adapters, Instruction
Manual and four AA Batteries




Servos of driver's choice




DX5 Transmitter:
Channels: Five
Frame Rate: 11/22 Ms
Length: 8.3" (210mm)
Width: 5.6" (143mm)
Height: 53.3" (135mm)
Weight: 1.4lbs (0.63Kg)
Model Memory: 250
Modulation: 250
Proportional Inputs: 5
Range: Full
Rate Positions: 3 POS
Transmitter Battery Type" Four AA
SPMSR2100 Spektrum SR2100 DSMR Receiver:
Number of Channels: 3
Input Voltage: 3.5-9.6V
Length: 0.7" (17.6 mm)
Width: 1.0" (25.5 mm)
Height: 1.0" (25 mm)
Weight: 0.2 oz (5.5g)
Water Resistant: Yes
Failsafe: Yes
Data Logging: No
Bind Method: Bind Button