JConcepts 1970 Chevy K10, USA-1 edition (10.5" wheelbase)

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JConcepts, the Team from Groveland, Florida, have consistently introduced current, classic and vintage styled Monster Truck body shells to the RC community since 2015. Official licensing from Ford and Chevrolet have enabled great looking designs following 1:1 counterparts which have given fanatics the ability to customize and build their favorite branded trucks.

Throughout this process, the design team has created body shells which fit a range of wheelbase lengths from 10.5" all the way to 13". This spans a series of trucks beginning with the original Tamiya Clod Buster builds of the 1980's all the way to current builds utilizing the JConcepts Regulator chassis conversion. The longer wheelbase bodies cover trucks such as the Axial SMT10 and many limited production runs and custom builds.

JConcepts is pleased to announce a new partnership with USA-1 4x4 and owner Everett Jasmer on the creation of a new decal package for the 1970 Chevy K10 USA-1 edition body. One of the most iconic names in the Monster Truck industry remains USA-1. The original built by Jasmer in the early 1980's is a classic, and features several notable items added to the legacy Chevy build that provides its stance, looks and branding package.

As Everett describes, USA-1 is one of the first generation of Monster Trucks in the world and ironically the original was also painted blue. As the industry populated and toys and novelties became popular, Everett decided to paint the truck and detail the identity in such a way that it stood out against the competition. A beautiful blue pearl paint was chosen for the vehicle combining many of Jasmer's favorites in to one dazzling appearance. The air brush master, Dan Patterson, was called upon to detail the name of the vehicle on the truck with Everett's input. USA-1 was born to be different and through the watchful eye of Jasmer, the identity of one of the best on the scene gathered the attention of adults, children and soon the motorsports world.

With all the experience and expertise, the JConcepts decal set needed to be solid and after receiving all the photo assets of the vehicle, the JConcepts design team went to work recreating an icon. From the USA-1 air brushed logo, stars and waving flag, the classic American decal sheet started to take shape. Fine details including engine size, special thank you to family, friends, and supporters, the sheet has a lot of specifics and even includes a few boastful bow-ties. Everett's mission in supporting the troops, this great nation and his core beliefs are also part of this unique decal livery.

The hood of the truck is beautiful and the decal sheet covers this precious area with a large format decal which waves down and in front of the built-in hood scoop on the body. The grille, turn-signals and traditional badging from the Chevy body are located on the JConcepts decal sheet also included with the body. The shell itself includes the custom type beefy fender flares, cap-top roof from the 1970's and incredible fine detailing on windshield, side windows, markers and body trim. The recessed bed area has plenty of room for an assortment of body mounting applications and provides a platform to add the JConcepts Shapeways additional roll-bar and light-bar which are available separately.

The body arrives clear in package with Chevrolet and JConcepts decal sheet along with window mask for ease of painting. Separately, the set also includes USA-1 4x4 decal sheet for the 1970 shell custom made and licensed through Everett Jasmer. All products are backed by JConcepts customer service and racing heritage.

Notes from the team

The body should be cleaned with dish soap allowed to completely dry and painted with polycarbonate approved paint. The air release USA-1 decals should be applied with care and easily placed to configure position and then sealed more by hand or fingertip once arranged in the proper position. The grille decals and miscellaneous lights should be hand trimmed and placed diligently into marked or scribed areas or where it matches a 1:1 truck or model photo.


  • Body shell, officially licensed by General Motors to JConcepts
  • Decal sheet, specifically licensed by USA-1 4x4 to JConcepts
  • Direct fit for 10.5 - 11.00" wheelbase trucks
  • Scale inspired body, cab, and window design
  • Multiple, 1:1 headlight and grille treatment options
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and detailed Chevrolet decal sheet included


  • Body is custom painted and used for photography purposes only.
  • Consider adding 3D printed roll-bar from the JConcepts Shapeways page which is available separately. This item is not guaranteed against breakage and can be sanded and painted to customer preference.
  • The 3D printed light-bar is also available separately from the Shapeways page to attach to the 3D printed roll-bar. This item is not guaranteed against breakage and can be sanded and painted to customer liking.